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February 22, 2013 → Yet again, ACAMS reported well before the Wall Street Journal
FATF Outlines New Effectiveness Score, Rescinds Threat to Suspend Turkey
The world's premier financial crime watchdog declined Friday to suspend Turkey's membership and disclosed how its assessors will begin evaluating jurisdictions on the efficacy with which they fight illicit finance.


February 15, 2013→ Beat the Wall Street Journal in reporting this critical report
SEC Iran Disclosure Requirements Proving 'Difficult' for Foreign Banks
Foreign financial institutions and other non-U.S. companies newly tasked with disclosing when their affiliates deal with Iranian government officials are finding the requirements onerous, according to compliance officers and consultants.


November 28, 2012 → First to report this story, beating both Reuters and
Senators Face Opposition in Plans to Force Foreign Banks to Use SDN List
U.S. lawmakers and the White House are negotiating language in a defense budgetary bill that would potentially penalize foreign banks for not complying with American sanctions against Iran, according to a congressional source.


October 16, 2012 → First to report on changes at the Manhattan DA's office
Manhattan DA Investigations Chief to Join Private Sector
The chief of investigations for the Manhattan District Attorney will depart for private practice after 18 years with the office, according to an internal memorandum obtained by ACAMS


October 9, 2012 Changes we reported six days before other major news organizations.
FATF to Score the Efficacy of AML Regimes in Next Round of Evaluations
An intergovernmental group that evaluates how countries fight money laundering and terrorist financing will change how it grades compliance with its standards beginning next year, say individuals familiar with discussions.


August 20, 2012           
Treasury Department Names Shasky Calvery as New FinCEN Chief
The U.S. Justice Department’s top anti-money laundering enforcer will lead the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network beginning next month, the bureau said Monday. 


August 17, 2012 → First to name Shasky Calvery as likely to be the next FinCen director.
AFMLS Chief a Strong Contender to Replace Outgoing FinCEN Director, Say Sources
The U.S. Treasury Department is considering hiring the country’s top money laundering and asset forfeiture prosecutor to head the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, say sources with knowledge of departmental discussions.


August 16, 2012 First to name new AML Chief at JPMC. 
Citi’s Global AML Chief Leaving for JPMorgan Chase: Sources
Citigroup’s top anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance officer has resigned to take a position at JPMorgan Chase, according to an e-mail obtained by ACAMS and an individual familiar with bank discussions. 


August 7, 2012
Bank in the Balance: Standard Chartered could lose New York banking license
ACAMS Editor-in-Chief, Kieran Beer, speaks on the developing story.



June 21, 2012 Broke this MONTHS before the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Reuters.
JPMorgan in Talks with OCC Over Possible Cease-and-Desist Order: Sources
U.S. banking regulators have initiated talks with JPMorgan Chase that could result in an anti-money laundering enforcement action related to insufficient staffing and other issues, say sources.


May 17, 2012 → First to report this, days before other news organizations, some of which credit
Treasury’s Cohen Dismisses FinCEN
Director-James H. Freis, the director of the U.S. financial intelligence unit, was dismissed Thursday, ending a 5-year tenure that oversaw the drafting of the toughest anti-money laundering regulations since the passage of the U.S. Patriot Act.


April 5, 2012 → First to the story by a week!
OCC’s Action Against Citibank Highlights ‘Appropriate’ Authority of Compliance Staff
We subsequently followed up with another story on the fallout from the Citibank penalty and it became the subject of my blog. From the start we talked about how this enforcement action was different than others.


May 12, 2011 Long before other sources, we predicted an unprecedented penalty.
HSBC’s AML Penalty Likely to Approach $1 Billion: Sources
HSBC Holdings Plc could pay as much as $1 billion for Bank Secrecy Act and U.S. sanctions violations, an amount that would overshadow previous fines for similar infractions, say sources.


And many, many more…

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